Bookkeeping Software Reviews

Bookkeeping in a Box has been a great system for my wife and myself.

What it does is help you stay organized - which saves you time and saves you money.

Pay all your bills on time.

Organize all your important documents.

Categorize and retrieve warranties effortlessly.

Bookkeeping in a Box has been an incredible system that I would recommend to anyone! Read other reviews on bookkeeping apps here

Jeff Langenderfer

Senior Vice President - District Manager

Huntington Bank

Toledo, OH


Member Of Sylvania Area Chamber Of Commerce

Organize your life with Bookkeeping in a Box.

Thinking about getting organized? Who Isn't?

A simple step-by-step process. You have nothing to lose but piles and piles of paper!

Mary Beth & Rick

Radio Personalities - 101.5 The River

Toledo, OH


I thought I was organized until I watched a webinar on budget tracking and met Pat Dutched, creator of Bookkeeping in a Box®. A good friend of mine sent her in to see me, and being a very busy man, I reluctantly made some room in my schedule. After seeing Bookkeeping in a Box, I realized what a valuable organizational tool it was.

Having my family’s complete medical records within easy access gives me peace of mind. Bills are always paid on time using the tickler file which reminds me of their due dates. But the best part is knowing that everything is in one place and organized so I can find any document in seconds. The time I spent with Pat was well worth every penny. Thank you Bookkeeping in a Box!

Matt Bell



I purchased your product to help my mother organize and track her personal finances and legal paper work. My father passed away and was the main “bookkeeper” in the home. This product has helped my mother organize all her finances and more, and brought her great peace of mind.

Alicia A. Yoxthimer

Bank Manager

Member Of Sylvania Area Chamber Of Commerce

Papers, charts and calculator for bookkeeping

Personal Bookkeeping Software Reviews

My wife and I recently received Personal Record Keeping Made Simple as a wedding gift. We could not be happier with this product. Personally, it has made life easier for me and my wife to keep our paperwork in order without taking up the space of a file cabinet or a set of drawers. It even fits in the safe! As responsibilities increase and your time gets more valuable, it’s important to find an effective way to keep track of your most important papers. That’s why I recommend it to all my friends and family!

Ryan S. Molnar


I have been researching the net for a program that would satisfy my thoughts and plans, yours is the very best I could find, I always came back to your Web Site, after many weeks of research.


I know in my mind what I want and what I wish to accomplish, so that is why I contacted you!

In today's economy I pray that I can get something going - not only to help myself but to help others that are in a similar situation such as my hubby and myself were in.

After losing our dream home it took us 2 years to get back on our feet and start over again, we have been Blessed and much of the thanks also is contributed to my simple knowledge of Bookkeeping which I would truly love to pass on to others.


Before I located your site; some 5 years ago when we were in such a deep hole, I put together a notebook with "pocket folders" entitled each and every one of our expenses and maintained a running total of each expense associated with each one of them, then once comfortable I thought "how nice it would be to help others", so my search began.


With my set up anyone can come along and pick up where I left off, now this added to what I will learn as I teach your program I am going to become even smarter and wiser. I can't thank you enough for your generous offer, it may take me a bit to get is started as I am not a teacher, so with that said I will have to do some one-on-one training with myself combined with your program before I can start my advertising, so please bear with me till I get started.

Esther R. Roy


When I first met Pat Dutched and was introduced to Bookkeeping in a Box, I thought hmmm - this could be a good thing to solve part of my problem at least.

Bookkeeping in a Box for Business Owners has been a great time saver for me!

Sharon Lange

Publisher - The Sylvania Advantage

Member Of Sylvania Area Chamber Of Commerce

Bookkeeping in a Box helps me control all those documents, important papers and receipts that I need.

Bookkeeping in a Box for Business Owners is great for my business and I'd recommend it for anyone!

Rick Vaughn

Certified Appraiser - Ohio and Michigan

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I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Bookkeeping in a Box and consulting on the app. What a wonderful product! Not only can it make life easier for some of my buisness clients, but I learned a few helpful hints that I can apply to my own personal record keeping habits at home! I consider myself a pretty organized person but your product can help even the most structured business client. I even had one client take the time to call me directly to thank me for referring her to you. I am looking forward to helping more business clients by introducing them to your bookkeeping concept.

Pat DeCesare

Toledo Area Community Credit Union

Sylvania, OH


Two bookkeepers are talking about charts

Personal Bookkeeping Software Reviews

Bookkeeping in a Box® is the best organizational tool that I have seen in my career as a bookkeeper. It is so easy and simple to use. You have all of your information at your fingertips and can find whatever you need in a matter of seconds. Whether you have been in business for years or are just starting out, it is the best way to keep your company organized.

I would highly recommend Bookkeeping in a Box® to anyone that is in business or just starting a business.

Molly Crable, Bookkeeper

Crable Brothers

Toledo, OH


I am writing in regards to Bookkeeping in a Box. This bookkeeping system is so easy to use. You can find all the information you need in a matter of seconds.

I have been in business for three years and found that this is the best way to keep my business organized.

I highly recommend Bookkeeping in a Box® to anyone in business, or to anyone who has trouble understanding the bookkeeping part of a business.

Bill Ehrsam, President

Bill Ehrsam Concrete, Ltd.

Sylvania, OH


I like your bookkeeping products and have used the Bookkeeping in a Box® system for over two years. I am very happy with the ease of using this system. There is a place for everything and it is easy to find it when I need to look up any type of information.

Michael Gerber, NCTMB

Mike Gerber and Associates

Certified Licensed Massage Therapists

Lambertville, MI


Just a note to let you know how happy I am with this personal bookkeeping app in sync with banks. To think that 6 or 7 years ago I was in such a financial mess, but you and your system bailed me out. I am now able to locate any receipt or tax form I may need, and I am able to very simply file my new bills each month proir to writing checks. Your system has allowed me the patience to pay all my bills in a logical, organized manner.

Thanks again for Bookkeeping in a Box.

Roger C. Power, CLU, ChFC

Roger C. Powell Company

Holland, OH


Bookkeeper and paperwork

Small Business Accounting Software Reviews

I have entrusted my bookkeeping responsibilities to Pat Dutched for over 30 years. Her system of Bookkeeping in a Box® is a tremendously simple and yet efficient way of keeping track of every penny coming in and going out. Whenever a question arises (which is rare) my Office Manager, Judy, can immediately find what is necessary because of the clarity and simplicity of Pat’s system. I would recommend it strongly to anyone.

Jon D. Richardson, Esq.

Attorney At Law

Toledo, OH


Pat Dutched has helped me with my bookkeeping for 20 years. Pat was originally a customer of mine and, through our friendship, she began helping me with my personal bookkeeping.

When I rented space for my own business, she put together Bookkeeping in a Box® for me. The system is so convenient and tme efficient.

Eight years later, I purchased another business, the Ellis Inn Bed & Breakfast, and she put together another system in a box and I have been able to keep my records organized. My bookwork is quick and convenient, and the accountant fees are lower because her system is so efficient.

I personally recommend her Bookkeeping in a Box® for any small business.

Christine Weber

H.D. Ellis Inn Bed & Breakfast

Blissfield, MI


Tools for bookkeeping

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Bookkeeping in a Box® is the brainchild of Pat Dutched. I have been a client of Pat Dutched for about twenty plus years. It is remarkable how well her system works and it is about the simplest set-up I know. All information is at your fingertips and can be instantly reviewed. I am one of the small business owners who take full advantage of this professional, excellent and efficient bookkeeping system on a yearly basis and can highly recommend it for small business owners.

Margaret Wright

Margaret Wright and Associates, Inc.

Maumee, OH


I have been a client of Pat Dutched’s for the past four years. Over the years, I have found Pat’s system to be very efficient. At first, I was somewhat curious about containing all of the accounting records in a box. However, after utilizing this system for several years, it has become obvious as to how efficient this actually is.

From invoices to cancelled checks to deposit slips, everything is kept in a self-contained area which is very efficient as far as finding any type of record needed regarding any financial question.

I am truly impressed with the Bookkeeping in a Box® system and would recommend it for anyone looking for a simple but efficient way to manage their bookkeeping and accounting for a small to medium-sized business.

Timothy D. Gilbert. D.P.M.

Podiatric Medicine and Surgery

Maumee, OH


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