Webinar on Bookkeeping Apps for Business Owners


Bookkeeping In A Box, A Bookkeepers' Tool
Presenter: Pat Dutched, Bookkeeping In A Box

Learn How To Increase Your Income By Using Bookkeeping In A Box
Introduction to Bookkeeping in a Box by Pat Dutched and Loredana LaCaprara.
"Bookkeeping in a Box" is a logical filing system that any accountant, bookkeeper, tax preparer or auditor understands, and anyone after a consultation on bookkeeping can handle.
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Bookkeeping services for small business

What You Should Expect to Learn about Accounting Software

This accounting software draws upon a method you can learn in 30 minutes or less.
A system your bookkeeper, accountant or tax preparer will already be familiar with.
No need to understand accounting.
Just 3 to 4 hours per week to successfully implement.
Can be used in conjunction with any accounting software.
Quickly and easily find answers to any question about running your business.
In most cases the cost of this system is a deductible business expense.

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What You Should Expect to Learn about Accounting Software