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Do Not Do Your Own Tax Return!
We all know by now that I am a professional bookkeeper. Because of that, whenever I‘m introduced to a new person, they frequently announce after a few minutes of conversation that they do their own tax return. Whenever that happens our products to keep track of budget will come in handy.

What Happened To Christmas?
Family, friends and colleagues have been calling or e-mailing me with reviews and suggestions for articles. The one topic that is “off the charts” is Christmas, and I couldn’t agree more. Now that we’re in this economic nightmare the usual spending frenzy seems more outdated and inappropriate than ever. 

Bookkeeping and Home Budgeting

Online Bookkeeping is the Best Way to Keep Track of Spending

Here I go again. I am so tired of listening to people complain that they are in debt because of their credit and debit cards. Those bills have rolled in from the annual holiday spending frenzy and now they’re all in debt. Or they whine about overdraft charges because they forgot to record debit card transactions. Sound familiar? Our app that you can sync with your bank accounts will be helpful.

You cannot budget your money if you have no idea what you are spending. Put those credit cards away for emergency use only or better yet, shred them. You will never get out of debt if you do not create a monthly budget and stick to it. One easy way to help maintain a budget is to use cash for your everyday expenses and budget items. Every pay period, put money aside for your monthly bills and convert the money left into cash. That is what you have to spend and when it’s gone, you’re done for the pay period. How hard is that? Consult about Home Bookkeeping!

Bookkeeper vs. Accountant

In all my years practicing as a full charge bookkeeper, I discovered that many business owners do not know the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant.

A bookkeeper records the numbers, the accountant analyzes the numbers.

A bookkeeper is responsible for recording transaction of all monies going in and out of a business. They are trained to understand a trial balance, balance sheet and most importantly a profit and loss statement. Bookkeepers do payroll, payroll and sales tax returns, pay bills and make deposits. They are involved in the actual running of a business and can answer questions to the owners, their accountants and of course the dreaded auditors. Bookkeepers understand how all accounting functions relate, and hand over to the accountant a balanced set of books.

Bookkeeping papers

Why Online Bookkeeping is Better than Getting Back to Cash

Budgeting with Debit & Credit Cards

Are debit and credit cards responsible for putting us in debt? We should all take a serious look at our spending habits. Besides paying your monthly bills, have you been saving for retirement? Is there money put aside for your child’s college tuition? Have you saved for your next vacation? Are your credit cards at the limit? It’s never too late to sit down and prepare a budget. Find out more in the FAQs.

Business Owner Wake Up & Wise Up

Hard copy documentation, partnered with your computer software is the only way to protect yourself.

Business owners wake-up….no hard copy of expenses will not get you through an audit. Why would you put yourself in that position! You have the hard copy in your hand, don’t throw it away…file it.

Home Equity Loans

So many people I speak to are struggling with credit card debt, and no wonder. Money magazine reports that the average family with a credit card has nearly $9200 in credit card debt. And with interest rates on credit cards as high as 25%, or in some cases higher, paying only the minimum amount on your credit card each month will never reduce your balance. You need to take action, and my advice is to check into a Home Equity Loan.

Play it Safe

While watching news coverage of the recent fires that devastated California, I saw interviews with frantic homeowners who were forced to evacuate their homes. Firefighters gave them only five minutes to collect their belongings, and they mentioned family photographs or other mementos they managed to save and hoped there would be something left when they returned. So what would you save if you had to evacuate your house in only five minutes? Would you save photographs or would you scramble to save everything within your reach? What you should be running to save is your important documents such as insurance policies, property deeds, mortgage papers, birth certificates, will, Social Security card and much, much more.

Focusing on business with the help of bookkeeping software

Tax Planning With Bookkeeping Apps

Happy New Year! It’s time to get on my soap box again and preach to the business owners who will owe the IRS big for 2007. If you’re one of those who complain in the New Year that you owe too much in taxes, you only have yourselves to blame. You could have prevented a big tax bill if your books were organized and you had made a plan to reduce your taxes. Watch webinars about bookkeeping with budget apps.

You open the mail and find a notice that your gas is about to be shut off due to non-payment. You know you’ve paid the bills and it’s their error, but you need the payment receipts to prove it. Your heart starts to pound and your mind goes frantic trying to remember where you can find the proof that you paid your bills.

Tax Planning With Bookkeeping Apps

Saving Documents with Bookkeeping Software

Hey guys, we’re now 50 years or older and many of us still have no real plan. I know. I remember. We are never going to get old or die. Guess what? It's not true. We all are aging and will eventually die. So let's get serious, just for a few hours, or whatever it takes. Don't do it for yourself; do it for your children and their children and so on. Smart business owners rely on an accountant or an experienced tax advisor to prepare their tax returns. Why? Because there is no denying that tax laws have become so complicated that you need an expert to help you navigate the Tax Code. But to really save money, it pays to know the basic rules of deductions, record keeping and document retention requirements. Let me remind you that the responsibility for your tax return is on your shoulders.

Everyone is having a really difficult time making ends meet in this economy. There are thousands of people locally that lost their jobs because of layoffs or business closings and they are truly lost. More and more often they are turning to a hobby or a talent and starting their own business. But they never seem to first seek the help they need from professionals such as a bookkeeper, accountant, attorney, insurance agent or, for sure their banker. They open a checking account and they’re off. What happens next is they discover they have omitted some basic and essential element, such as paying payroll taxes, or filing the wrong federal forms, or failure to get a license. They then start receiving letters asking.